Sunday, March 5, 2017

Laundry out the Ears #SOL17 5/31

     How on earth does one child accumulate so much laundry?  She is 15 and plays soccer.  I know there are a lot of clothes that go along with that but goodness.  I do have to give her credit this time because I didn't wash anything that hadn't been worn.  I usually end up washing clothes over and over without her having worn it.  I started doing it this morning around 9:00 am.  It is now 8:40 pm.  The last load of clothes is in the dryer right now.  I've done at least 11 loads of laundry today.  Ugh!  I have a stackable washer and dryer so the loads have to be smaller than those I would put in my old super capacity washer and dryer.  I am thankful that this apartment has a washer and dryer though.


  1. I feel your pain! My kids are little still, so laundry is deceptive around here--each basket of laundry holds about a zillion tiny items of clothing that take half a weekend day to fold and put away. I'm glad your finish line is in sight!

  2. My daughter was a basketball player, and I remember those days of nonstop laundry. Hang in there mom!