Thursday, March 2, 2017

Morning Beauty #SOL17 2/31

As I opened the blinds this morning so my daughter's spoiled cat could sit on the dining room stool and look out while we're gone, I saw something I hadn't seen in awhile. I look forward to spring every year even though it's tornado season. I will miss out on my garden because I'm now living in an apartment. There is just something about growing things from tiny seeds and watching them become something beautiful. I understand why my mom and grandpa would get so excited. My porch will definitely be covered in a few flower pots though.

I thank God for giving me the strength to go on and for giving such a beautiful reminder of how wonderful the world is.



  1. I love the balance of beauty in this slice with the everyday life component of a spoiled cat who wants to sit on the table and stare out the window. While I still can't believe there are already buds on the trees so early in the season, I'm like you in believing God put them there so soon because many of us just need to witness something beautiful right now.

  2. Spring is our reminder that God is good. Spring is also a sign of renewal and new life, and it sounds like you are experiencing some of that in your own life. I am glad you are writing and I hope it helps you to find some peace with your life changes.